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Beatnik Bandit

MrGasser.com is a Ed "Big Daddy" Roth concept.

Ed had been working on his show car poster concept that showcases his show cars all on one poster. He had already selected the cars he wanted to use and the poster layout.

While traveling back from the 1999 Rat Fink Party and before the poster was fininshed, Ed came up with the idea of a web site called MrGasser.com. MrGasser.com would showcase his show cars using the illustrations that were created for his poster. This site would also offer his new show car poster.

Ed was very much into internet techology and wanted to design MrGasser.com himself. Sadly Ed passed away before this project was finished. Ed's concerns on how this site should be designed have been applied.

After Ed's passing his family was contacted and they gave the go ahead to complete this project.

Enjoy Ed's show cars and his MrGasser.com.

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Show Cars: Little Jewel '58 I Outlaw '59 I Beatnik Bandit '60 I Mysterion '63 I Rat Fink '63 I Orbitron '64
Surfite '64 I Tweedy Pie '64 I Road Agent '65 I Rotar '65 I Druid Princess '66 I Mail Box '67
Mega Cycle '67 I American Beetle '68 I Great Speckled Bird '76 I Secret Weapon '76
Yellow Fang '76 I Asphalt Angel '86 I American Cruiser '87 I Globe Hopper '87 I LA Zoom '89
Beatnik Bandit II '95 I Rubber Ducky '95 I Stealth 2000 '99
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